"The cello is like a beautiful woman who has not

grown older, but younger with time, more slender,

more supple, more graceful."

~ Pablo Casals

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Ewa Witczak




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Ewa witczak cello wiolonczela Bydgoszcz barok

"The magnetic charm of music meant that the air was sparkling stream of applause."

Anna Świerzyńska

​Radio Broadcast

Laboratoire de la Musique

Radio PiK Broadcast entitled

"Breakfast with the Muses"



F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"There, they know what is good!

[...]Her performance of the Sonata in D Major Telemann was, stylish and different than the usual violoncello.

By supporting basso continuo in the remaining positions the instrument played its role satisfactorily enough, that nobody did not even yearned for viola da gamba.[...]"

Włodzimierz Ślęzak