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Koncert Inauguracyjny: Muzyka wczesno - włoska, francuska i niemiecka

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157. 1st Music Festival at Blumwe's Villa

28/10/2018 - SK J. Przybora of the Polish Radio PiK in Bydgoszcz

156. Concert"In Polish Style" during the Baroque Session

16/10/2018 - SDK in Warsaw

155. Unquiet Thoughts -  early music concert

11/10/2018 - Garrison Church in Bydgoszcz

154. Early Music Concert during the 5th International Festival of Organ and Chamber Music in Markowice

16/09/2018 - Minor Basilica in Markowice

153. Academy in the Monuments of Bydgoszcz - Early Music Concert

08/08/2018 - Garrison Church in Bydgoszcz

152. 4th Concerts during the Bach Festival in Świdnica

01-03/08/2018 - Church of St. Cross in Świdnica


151. Basses Diverses - 8th Silent Music Festival - Bach Society in Toruń

27/05/2018, Toruń, the Old Town Hall


150. Concert of doctoral students

25/05/2018 - Concert Hall of the Music Academy in Bydgoszcz


149. Inaugural Concert of the 8th Marian Concerts with Rose

03/05/2018, Cathedral Church in Bydgoszcz


148. Concert Rhythm and Counterpoint - II Orchestral Seminar with Arte dei Suonatori

29/04/2018, Concert Hall of R. Suchecki in Bydgoszcz


147. Early Music Concert

08/04/2018, Parish Church in Żalno

146. Thirdly, Vivaldi - early music concert for young people

26/03/2018 Pomeranian Philharmonic in Bydgoszcz

145. Passion Concerto - Via Crucis

22/03/2018, Polish House in Bydgoszcz


144. Doctorant Concert  -  The Bydgoszcz Science Festival
26/05/2017, Concert Hall of the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz

143. Wiolimisia Academy - Three centuries ago it sounded like this
13.05.2017, the Pomeranian Philharmonic in Bydgoszcz

142. VII Marian Concerts with Róża - Academy of Early Music in Bydgoszcz
09.05.2017, Farny's Concert in Bydgoszcz

141st Music Concert at the Museum - Haydn, Weber, Martin
29.04.2017, Museum of the Kujawska and Dobrzyn Land in Wloclawek

140th Classic Trio Concert - Haydn, Weber, Martinu
25.04.2017, "Pod Tężniami" Sanatorium, Ciechocinek

139. Concert during the 17th Toruń Science and Art Festival - Music from the Fairy Tale 1000 and one night
22.04.2017, Toruń, Artus Court

138th Classic Trio Concert - Haydn, Weber, Martinu
10.04.2017, Sanatorium "Under the Grays", Ciechocinek

137. Concert at the V International Master Competition for Music Teachers in Warsaw
09.04.2017, Warsaw

136. Concert In Early Music
31.03.2017, PSM I and II st in Mielec

135th MUSICA SPIRITUS MOVENS concert in Bydgoszcz
11.03.2017, Polish House in Bydgoszcz

134. Salve Regina Concert - I Music Evening organized by the Academy of Early Music
15.01.2017 Garrison Church in Bydgoszcz


130. The concert of vocal ART'N'VOICES to commemorate the 5th anniversary of artistic activity
 20/11/2016, Collegiate Wejherowo

129. Concert during the 15th Days of Early Music and Christian Culture Days
06/11/2016, Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. R. Suchecki in Bydgoszcz


128. Concert in part III of the Bydgoszcz Music Festival in Bydgoszcz
10/30/2016, Lutheran Church  in Bydgoszcz


127. Concert Don Quixote windmills ... and music during the 54th Bydgoszcz Music Festival
09/22/2016, Pomeranian Philharmonic in Bydgoszcz


126. The concert at the 4th Organ Festivain Tuchola
08/28/2016 Church of Corpus Christi in Tuchola


125. Concert at the 4th Organ and Chamber Music Festival
08/27/2016 Church Mary Queen of Polish in Żnin


124. Concert at the Festival Internacional de Música S'Agaró (Spain)
13/08/2016, Església de S'Agaro, Spain


123. Concert at the 21st International Festival of Organ and Chamber Music in Wolsztyn
31/07/2016 Church Parish Blessed Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception in Wolsztyn


122. 2nd Concert in the evenings under the linden - Museum of Kujawy and Dobrzyn in Wloclawek/Kłóbka
16/07/2016, Dworek - open-air museum in Kłóbka


121. Extraordinary Concert to commemorate the January Uprising
 07/10/2016, Round Hall , Palace  in Lubostroń
120. Concert of the Participants 10th Summer Early Methodical Music Courses in Warsaw
30/06/2016, Press Center Foksal


119. Concert of the Teachers 10th Summer Early Methodical Music Courses in Warsaw
26/06/2016, Museum of  M. Oczaposki in Warsaw


118. Evening with Spanish Chamber Music 
01/05/2016, DST Warsaw Archdiocese


117. Concert Piano-Forte during 14th Early Music Daysin Bydgoszcz
09/03/2016, Concert Hall Academy in Bydgoszcz 

116. Concert
23/02/2016 Concert Hall, Music School in Inowrocław

115. Chamber Concert
14/01/2016, Diocesan Museum in Wloclawek



114. Concert during the Second Festival of Early Music in Bydgoszcz
10/11/2015, Lutheran Church in Bydgoszcz


113. Concert during the Festival Listen to Chmielno
30/08/2015, St. Peter and Paul Church in Chmielno


112. Concert dedicated to Pope John Paul II during the XV International
Festival of Arts and Culture in Hel
01/08/2015, Corpus Christi Church, Hel


111. Earlu Music Concert during Early Music Summer Festival at the Castle in Golub - Dobrzyń
25/07/2015, Golub Castle 


110. Virtuoso violin - From Bach to Haydn
21/06/2015, Garrison Church in Bydgoszcz


109. Tage Alter Musik Regensburg. Mozart und seine Zeitgenossen - Orchesterwerke von J. M. Kraus, J. B. Vanhal, P. Wranitzky und W. A. ​​Mozart
23/05/2015, Neuhaussaal, Theater am Bismarckplatz, Regensburg


108. Mozart und seine Zeitgenossen - Orchesterwerke von J. M. Kraus, J. B. Vanhal, P. Wranitzky und W. A. ​​Mozart
21/05/2015, Villa Elisabeth, Berlin


107. Vivaldi on Spring - Concert of Academy of Early Music Association
26/04/2015, Garrison Church in Bydgoszcz


106. France elegance - Concert during the XV Toruń Science and Art Festival
18/04/2015, Hall Mieszczańska Old Town Hall in Torun


105. Concert of Early Music with a lecture from the cycle Francophonie Musicals
23/03/2015, Collegium Maius, Torun


104. Concert Beethoven - Symphony of Classicism during the Festival Music in the Museum
21/03/2015, Museum of Kujawy and Dobrzyn in Wloclawek


103. CCLVI Bydgoszcz Music Tuesday during the XIII Days of Music in Bydgoszcz
24/02/2015, R. Suchecki Concert Hall in Bydgoszcz


102. La polonaise - Polish Baroque Music during the Festival Music in the Museum
31/01/2015, Museum of Kujawy and Dobrzyn in Wloclawek




101. CCLIV Bydgoszcz Musical Tuesday 
40th - anniversary of Ursula Bartkiewicz artistic work
12/09/2014, R. Suchecki Concert Hall in Bydgoszcz


100. CXLIX Palace Concert
23/11/2014, Cellar in Moat Palace Lubostroń


95-99. A series of concerts during special programe called Support and care of monuments in Kujawsko -Pomeranian region in 2014
11/09/2014 St. Mary Magdalene Church in Kwieciszewo
11/09/2014 Holy Trinity Church in Strzelno
15/11/2014 St. Peter and Paul Church in Oak Meadow
16/11/2014 St. Bartholomew Church in the Great Komorsk
16/11/2014 St. Cosmas and Damian Church in Okonin


94. Baroque Session Concert
18/10/2014, Służewski House of Culture in Warsaw


93. Opening Concert and the 1st Bydgoszcz Music Festival
05/10/2014, Evangelical Church - Lutheran in Bydgoszcz


92. Inauguration of the Association Academy of Early Music in Bydgoszcz
28/09/2014, Garrison Church in Bydgoszcz


91. Concert called In the courts of the Renaissance during Festival Music in the Museum
23/08/2014, Museum of Kujawy and Dobrzyn in Wloclawek


90. W. A. ​​Mozart Exsultate, jubilate (KV.165, K.6. 158a) and Nicola Porpora Salve Regina as part of the Lower Silesian Music Festival
15/08/2014, Sts. John the Baptist Church in Oldřichovice Kłodzkie


89. Palace Concert as part of the Lower Silesian Music Festival
14/08/2014, Palace, Żelazno


88. Concert Verba et Voces during XIV Przemysl Festival Salesian Summer
21/07/2014, Franciscan Church in Przemysl


87. The opening concert with music for centuries in the series Music in the Museum
21/06/2014, The main building of the Museum of Kujawy and Dobrzyn in Wloclawek


86. Stabat Mater Dolorosa - musical passion show during the
Klasykalia Music Festival
13/04/2014, Centre of Christian Culture at the Parish of the Holy Cross in Klodzko


85. Combattimento - the duel for two cellos during XIV Torun
Festival of Arts and Sciences
26/04/2014, Regional Museum in Toruiu


84. Musica concert Affectus Moveat
08/03/2014, Auditorium al Duomo - Anfiteatro A. Tomaszewski's Hall in Florence (Italy)


83. Chamber Concert Musica affectus moveat during the XII Days of Early Music in Bydgoszcz

23/02/2014, Concert Hall of theF. Nowowiejski Music Academy in Bydgoszcz




82. Concert in the cycle Concerts Thursday in the Diocesan Museum in
10/10/2013, Diocesan Museum in Pelplin


81. Concert during the Festival In a gentle Breeze
20/09/2013, Basilica in Poznan


80. Giovanni Battista Pergolesi - Stabat Mater during the Lower Silesian Music Festival
15/09/2013, Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows in the Old Wielisław


79. Palace Concert during the Lower Silesian Music Festival
14/09/2013, Palace Żelazno


78. Matinée - Polish Baroque Music duringthe Lower Silesian Music Festival

14/09/2013, Spa Theatre in Polanica - Zdroj


77. Cantatas and Sonatas
25/08/2013, Chopin Centre in Szafarnia


76.II Concerts in the 2nd Meeting of the Evening music in Tomaszow Lubelski
03-04/08/2013, the Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the  A. Cwojdzinski Music School in Tomaszow Lubelski.


75. Concert of Baroque music during the Lower Silesian Music Festival
14/07/2013,  Sts. Nicholas Church in Jaszkowa Górna


74. Matinée - Polish Baroque Music during the Lower Silesian Music Festival
13/07/2013, Spa Theatre in Polanica - Zdroj


73. Concert of Baroque music as part of the Lower Silesian Music Festival
12/07/2013, Castle Rock in Trzebieszowice


72. The concert within the Royal Łazienki Music Festival 
06/07/2013, Stanisławowski Theatre in the Royal Łazienki


71. Instrumental Music Concert entitled Polish Baroque during
13th Toruń Science and Art Festival

20/03/2013,  Mieszczańska Old Town Hall in Torun


69-70. Music for friends - Musica Humana
13-14/03/2013, Old Orangery Royal Łazienki, the Tyszkiewicz-Potocki Palace, Ballroom


68. CCXLIII Bydgoszcz Tuesday Music within XI Days of Early Music
12.03.2013, R. Suchecki Concert Hall in Bydgoszcz




67. Concert entitled Wiolonczelność during the 2nd Silent Festival
27/12/2012, Chapel Lutheran Chapel Church in Torun


55-66. Concerts in the framework of the project Cultural Heritage Kujawsko-Pomorskie - support for care of monuments, 17/11-23/12/2012
24/11/12 Annunciation Church in Potulice
25/11/12 St. Matthew Church in Ostrow near Goplo
25/11/12 St. Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr Church in Byton
01/12/12 Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Kokock
01/12/12 St. Bartholomew Church in Unisław
02/12/12 St. Peter and Paul Church in Wylatowo
02/12/12 St. Ap. Peter and Paul Church in Stone Krajeński
14/12/12  Discovery of the Holy Cross Church in Nieszawa
14/12/12 St. Nicholas Church Fordon
15/12/12 Immaculate Conception Church
16/12/12 St. Bartholomew Church Samoklęski
16/12/12, Książnica Copernicus in Torun


54. Concert of Early Music in Wilanow
18/11/2012, Wilanow Palace Museum, White Hall


53. Concert entitled In the service of the Church during the 13th International Bach Festival in Gliwice
17/08/2012 Church of the Holy Cross in Gliwice


52. Concert Godfather within the 13th International Bach Festival
in Swidnica
30/07/2012, Church of Sts. Cross in Swidnica


51. Concert during the Festival Europa-Torun, Music and Architecture
14/07/2012  St. Stephen Ewang. Lutheran Church in Torun


50. Concert during Academy in Bydgoszcz Monuments Festival
11/07/2012, Bydgoszcz Cathedral  


49. Concert of participants VI Summer Courses  Early Music Methodical
08/07/2012 Royal Castle in Warsaw
(Concert recorded for the Second Programme of Polish Radio)


48. Concert during the 15th Festival of Young Organists and Singers in Bydgoszcz
20/05/2012, Evangelical Methodist Church in Bydgoszcz


47. Concert Music of the Italian Baroque during 12th Toruń Science and Art Festival
23/04/2012, Small Hall Artus Court in Torun


46. ​​The concert of Buxtehude Cantatas during the Turn on  for the organ Festival
15/04/2012  St. Anna Academic Church in Warsaw


45. CCXXXIV Bydgoszcz Tuesday Musical Bach and Sons
28/02/2012, R. Suchecki Concert Hall in Bydgoszcz


44. Opening Concert X Days of Early Music
27/02/2012, R. Suchecki Concert Hall in Bydgoszcz




43. CXVIII Palace Concert
30/10/2011, Lubostroń Palace


42. Concert during the  Thursday Concerts Festival in the Diocesan Museum Pelplin
20/10/2011, Diocesan Museum in Pelplin


32-41. Concerts during the project Protection and Preservation of the Material Heritage Kujawsko - Pomorskie October 14 - December 11, 2011
15/10/11 St. Peter and Paul Church in Torun
16/10/11 Divine Mercy Church in Bydgoszcz
16.10.11 St. Anthony of Padua Church in Bydgoszcz
22/10/11 Exaltation of the Holy Cross. and St. A. Bobola Church in Wałdowo
23/10/11 St. Trinity Church in Strzelno
23/10/11 St. Peter and Paul Church in Wylatowo
28/10/11 St. Bartholomew Church in Unisław
05/11/11 St. Anna Church in Łąsk Great
06/11/11 St. Martin the Bishop Church in Sarnów
06/11/11  St. Bobola Church in Swiecie.


31. Concert Händel meets Telemann during the Festival Academy of Quiet Music 
03/09/2011, Old Town Hall in Torun


29-30. Music Festival in Tomaszów Lubelski
06-07/08/ 2011, Concert Hall PSM degree in Tomaszow Lubelski


28. The opening concert of 5th Summer Early Music Methodical Courses in Warsaw
25/06/2011, J. Elsner Hall in S.H. Dziekanka in Warsaw


27. Concert of Baroque Music during the 11th Toruń Science and Art Festival
16/04/2011 Collegium Maximum of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun




12-26. Concerts in the framework of the project Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie July 14 - 28 November 2010
15.08.10 Church P.W. Assumption in Kcynia
21.08.10, Parish Church P.W. St. Nicholas and Constance Gniewkow
08/22/10, Department P.W. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Wloclawek
08.28.10 Team Palace in Wybczu
29.08.10 Church P.W. St. Trinity Quarrels
04/09/10 Church P.W. St. Barbara Starogrodzie
18.09.10 Church P.W. St. And St. Bartholomew. Anne Wabczu
25.09.10, Church of the Good Shepherd in Konojadach
09/26/10 Church P.W. St. Philip, James and Mary Magdalene in Wąwelnie
02.10.10 Church P.W. St. Catherine and Margaret in Great Meadow
09.10.10, Centre for Social Dialogue them. Pope John Paul II in Torun
23.10.10 Church P.W. Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Venice
24.10.10, p Church, in, St. Trinity Runowo Krajeńskie
11/21/10, Scientific Society in Torun
28.11.10, Hall Rotundowa Palace Lubostroń

7-11. Alte Musik-Junge Energie - a series of concerts in Neuburgu on the Danube (Germany)
31.07.2010 - Heilig Geist Kirche
01.08.2010 - Heilig Geist Kirche
07.08.2010 - Kahlhofkapelle
08.08.2010 - Maria Heimsuchung, Rohrenfels
08.08.2010 - St. Martin, Wagenhofen

6. Concert at the Festival Summer Organ Concerts and Intimate in Dobrodzień
18.07.2010 Church P.W. St. Mary Magdalene in Dobrodzień

5. Concert in the cycle Academy in Bydgoszcz Monuments
14.07.2010, Department of Bydgoszcz

4. The opening concert Reg. Bach Society's activities in Torun
11.07.2010 Centre for Social Dialogue them. Pope John Paul II in Torun

3. The concert in the festival 15 Bach Days in Krakow
23.03.2010, Hall Florianka AM in Krakow

2. Concert in the Early Music at the Academy of Music
25.02.2010. Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. prof. R. Suchecki AM in Bydgoszcz

1. Concert in the Pearls of Classical Music
21.02.2010, New Palace in Ostromecko

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